What is Font Generator?

Our font generator can change your regular text into eye-catching, unique fonts that can be copied and pasted anywhere. Choose from over 50 stylish fonts that can be used on messages and profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or even as a username on your favorite game. Unlike regular fonts, our generator offers only copy and paste fonts.

How Do You Use the Font Generator?

Add Text

Simply type or paste your text into the box as shown in the image below. You can also add predefined decorations if you want.

How to add text to our font generator

Find Fonts

Just scroll the page to find a font you like.

How to find fonts on our font generator

Copy and Paste Text

Once you find a font you like, click on the copy button that will copy the text to your clipboard. You can paste it anywhere.

How to copy and paste text on our font generator

How Does Our Font Generator Work?

We have a collection of Unicode that instantly matches to each letter you type. This method allows us to convert your regular text into a stylish font that can be copied. Most platforms support Unicode, and this is what allows you to copy and paste this text anywhere.

What Is Unicode?

Unicode is a global standard that supports most of the world's writing systems, ensuring text looks consistent across various platforms and devices. With Unicode, fonts generated by our tool will appear exactly as copied, without any problems.

How to Change Fonts?

This tool previews different fonts in real-time and allows you to mix and match styles for a personalized look, and even add special characters or emojis to make your text stand out. So changing your font with our tool is as easy as selecting text.